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My Project:
Banning the use of single-use plastic bags in the stores of Gaspé


My name is Laurent and I am nine years old. I live in Gaspé but now I live aboard a boat to sail across the Pacific Ocean with my family. I see a lot of plastic on the beaches, in the water and near the docks. Even offshore, I see a lot of plastic. It’s for these reasons that I want  to ban the use of single-use plastic bags in the stores of Gaspé. Read the rest of the text and I will tell you why I want to ban single-use plastic bags.

Some numbers: 4% of the of the  world’s oil is used for the fabrication of these bags. In the province of Québec, we use 1 to 2 billion plastic bags per year. In the USA, they use 100 billion plastic bags per year and the whole world uses 4 or 5 trillion plastic bags per year! In my opinion, that’s way too much but keep reading...

In the environment, a plastic bag will take 450 year to disapear compared to one month for an apple core and  3 to 12 months for a newspaper. All the plastic ever produced is still somewhere in the world. A lot of this plastic ends up in the water and with the currents, this plastic ends up forming an island of plastic that is called “The Great Pacific Patch”. The Great Pacific Patch is an enormous “island” of plastic debris in the northern Pacific Ocean.

The effects of all this plastic in the oceans are desastrous. Each year 100 000 marine animals (turtles, dolphins, whales, seals) and 1 million birds are recovered dead because of this plastic.. The main ways by which the animals die is by choking or by starving. Dying of starvation goes this way: The animal eats some plastic and fills its belly with it but in reality it never gets the proteins or vitamins it requires to survive. As a result, it dies from starvation.

When fishes eat plastic they also absorb toxic products and these toxic products will end-up in or stomac. The plastic may contain chemical products that may cause cancer and other diseases.

Here are alternative solutions: to bring your own reusable bag or if you forget your bag the store can use the “shippers” cardboard boxes. Currently, the shippers go to the trash,why not reusing them!

In the province of the Quebec 2 cities already banned single-use plastic bags : the cities of Deux Montagnes and Huntignton. We shoud be an exemple and the animals will like it!

If you want to know more about the devastating effects of the plastic bags, go see my
references. Also, don’t be shy to ask me your questions.

To ban single-use plastic bags in Gaspé, please sign my petition at:


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Thank you

Laurent Phaneuf-Lord, 9 yo


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